Operational Management

Cam Crow

Area Manager - Vancouver Island

Cam Crow joined CUC in February 1997 in the role of Fuser. Cam was part of Vancouver Island when it was CUCs head office and during that time Cam has provided support and leadership as a Foreman, General Foreman, Superintendent and ultimately his current role as Area Manager where he was appointed to in 2013. Cam’s near 20 year leadership on the Island has resulted in some of our longest tenured CUC employee’s. Cam takes pride in developing leaders from within, and enjoys having the opportunity to aspire young people in developing their career.

Mike Gray

Manager, Projects

Mike Gray joined CUC in September of 2004 in the role of laborer. Since that time Mike has moved progressively through the organization as a Fuser, Welder, Foreman, General Foreman, and Superintendent providing both value to the customer and leadership to the employees of CUC. In October of 2013 Mike was appointed to the Area Manager role of Metro Vancouver and is currently in a Manager, Projects position overseeing some of CUCs largest and most technical projects to date. Mike enjoys being able to provide support to multiple areas and being able to participate in the progression and development of the amazing people at CUC. Live Safe is a core value that Mike truly stands beside, understanding that following this represents a fundamental change in the way we act and accept others in everyday life, not just at the job site.

Regan Pinette

Area Manager - Fort St. John and BC Interior

Regan Pinette joined CUC in December of 2003 in the role of Foreman. Regan started his CUC career in Metro Vancouver as a Foreman, General Foreman and Superintendent. In 2006 Regan and his family moved up North to lead the Fort St John operations and its success. Taking on the role of Area Manager for Fort St John in February 2014, Regan for the last 10 years has put one of our hardest working divisions on the map. In a full circle moment, in 2016 Regan moved back to Metro Vancouver to provide his leadership to the Mains and Services division while continuing his support to Fort St John. Regan is most proud of the relationships he has created within the CUC FSJ team. The Core Values are also something that he takes pride in, witnessing how employees conduct themselves based on these values has been inspiring.

Ed Jones

Operation Safety Manager

Ed Jones joined Canadian Utility Construction in June of 2011. He has many different positions within CUC including Operator, Foreman, General Foreman, Superintendent, Area Manager and most recently Operations Safety Manager. Ed takes a lot of pride in serving and providing support to all of the CUC employees. With a large emphasis in safety he is very involved in the New Safety Initiatives, the Field Level Risk Assessment, Site Hazard Risk Assessment and Safety Champion Coaching Card.

Dale Fulton

Manager of Area Development

Dale Fulton is the Manager of Area Development for Canadian Utility Construction and has been with the company since 2010. Dale has worked in many different capacities at CUC including, Superintendent, Business Analyst, Interim Area Manager and most recently Contracts Manager. Dale’s primary responsibility is to support the Area Manager's in their efforts to develop customer opportunities, analyze data and ensure the areas are operating at peak levels.

Dave Schaub

Area Manager - Calgary

Dave Schaub joined CUC in October of 2016 in the role of Area Manager for Calgary. He has an extensive background in leadership in the Telecommunications industry as well as Office Equipment and Manufacturing. Dave has consistently and repeatedly improved the results and employee engagement in every organization he has been involved with and enjoys creating more confident and productive teams.

Kerry McDowell

Area Manager - Regina

Kerry McDowell joined as the Area Manager for Regina in November of 2016. He brings with him an extensive management background in the agriculture industry, sales as well as project construction management. Kerry’s views on leadership align closely to CUC’s Core Values as he believes that removing the barriers for his team will allow them to succeed and reach their fullest potential. He also comes with a strong background in safety having completed his Safety Management with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Assoc. Leadership for Safety Excellence, OHC Level 1 & 2.

Michael Baldwin

Area Manager - Metro Vancouver

Michael Baldwin is the latest addition to the CUC team and joined as Area Manager of Metro Vancouver in December of 2016. Michael comes with over 20 years of experience in financial issues, budgeting, forecasting and running multiple business units. He also shows strength in customer communications and engaging employees to ensure the success for CUC individuals. Michael believes that this engagement, open communication and feedback helps us meet goals and objectives as well as aids in managing and meeting customer expectations.